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The Ferrara Province Food and Wine Route itinerary covers the whole of the province- one of the flattest areas in Italy- by way of three distinct routes providing three very different views of what is an apparently uniform landscape.
A long journey into the flood lands, that have been mostly reclaimed and form a regular, geometric landscape with roads and canals that divide vast cultivated fields, impressive examples of  drainage works and a naturalistic environment that is one of the most beautiful in Italy and, architecturally speaking, one of the most interesting thanks to the splendid Estense period.
The first of the three itineraries explores the Po river and its delicacies, from duck to the seasoned sausages, fruit orchards, fields of cereals and the poplar trees that run alongside the impressive banks of the Great Po River.
The second evokes the wonders of the ancient Estense court with specialities such as “salama da sugo”, garlic, rice and asparagus.
The third reveals the lowland areas of the   Delta Park, the entrance to the salt marshes, made up of reed beds, fishing huts, woodlands and thousands of birds. It is home  to the DOC wines of the Bosco Eliceo sand banks, light and tasty, the perfect accompaniment for eel, that other star of the local table.

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